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A good friend of mine once said that the world of marketing is changing and if we are not able to change with the times, then we are bound to fail. This made me think about what do we really stand for and what do we need to do in order to make our business more profitable and successful. We are a digital marketing company that focuses on the internet as the main source of generating sales and profits for any business, regardless if it is a service or product oriented business. This company has made a lot of mistakes along the way but we have learned from those mistakes and we continue to strive to be the best in the industry.

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around Making Mistakes,Learning & Growing.

The first mistake that we often commit in our business is that we try to use too much technology to promote our products or services. Many digital marketing companies make this mistake and it is a big one. One mistake that we often make is trying to use all the bells and whistles just to promote our products or services. The truth is that you just can’t get away from technology, it is something that everyone is using. The only difference is that it should only be used in conjunction with other marketing tools like traditional forms of advertising such as newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and others.


Another mistake that we often commit is that we try to use technology to replace human interaction. Technology is wonderful and we are fortunate to be able to utilize it in order to reach our customers however there is nothing wrong with human interaction. For instance, when we are using the internet to generate traffic to our website we do not want to eliminate the human factor. The reason why is because without the human factor, the traffic generated will not be organic and it will most likely end up in a spam folder. If we eliminate the element of the human factor then we are not creating a profitable venture for our company and we are not able to convert the traffic into profit.


Another mistake that we often make in this digital marketing era is that we think that we can simply get our point across by using a digital sign. This is a common mistake that many people have made and one that I believe that many new businesses make when they are first starting out. The reality is that the way that you actually say something has to connect with the consumer on some level or you are not going to be successful.


Here’s the bottom line on this mistake: Do not attempt to communicate via text or email. In fact, if you need to send out press releases or marketing materials to make sure that they are all sent via email. It might sound crazy but this is one of the fastest ways for us to lose track of your contacts. Why? Because we have all received news letters or marketing material in our email boxes at work, school, church and everywhere else so we become somewhat accustomed to reading it.


The other mistake that we often make is that we try to get too fancy with our marketing materials. For example, we may use graphics and animation on our web pages to entice visitors to click on our links. Although this tactic does work in some cases it really restricts your ability to communicate the message with the consumer. You want to get the human reaction when they are thinking about your products and services.


Another mistake that we often make is that we are less likely to be direct with our customers than we should be. The old concept of the “burner” customer is very applicable here. Many marketers like to have the customer call them and ask questions before they buy. This also works in an offline environment but since it is digital it is much harder to accomplish. The only possible way for this mistake to happen is if your marketing material is so incredibly vague that no one even knows what it is.


Finally, one mistake that we often make is that we put too much importance on social media. If you have been involved in any online marketing efforts in the past, you know how important it can be to have a strong social presence. But there is no way for you to follow through on that if you don’t make a clear sales pitch as well. As an online marketing company we have to stay away from this mistake and focus more on providing good information for the consumer. Only then will we be successful in this industry.


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